What's for tea?

Consumers have always needed a guardian angel and before Watchdog and the likes of Anne Robinson, the country was served well by Esther Ranzten. Sunday evenings on TV were dominated by That’s Life!

The programme served up entertainment, commonsense and justice for the man on the street.

Each show began with Esther interviewing the public, asking them a question relevant to the latest piece of trivia to hit the newspapers.

Viewers would write in and air their grievances and Esther and her team would sort out the Jobsworth who were just plain barking.

They weren’t the only barkers. Rudely shaped vegetables were a favourite and of course, the talking dog. “What’s for tea?” asked its owner “Sausages” it replied. “What time is it?” again “Sausages”. Yes, its vocabulary was limited but it always knew what it wanted for tea!