The twelve days of Christmas, sort of!

Mention the word partridge to any woman of a certain age and she’ll glaze over and drift off to the land of the Partridge Family and focus in on the eldest son played by David Cassidy.

Of course partridges weren’t the first choice for the cooing family – they almost became turtles, if gossip is to be believed.

You can’t help but think that whatever their name, this talented group – headed by mother hen Shirley Jones – were destined for success.

Once the TV programme aired it wasn’t long before it became an international hit and David and co had to get used to birds calling them night and day. Some even proposed, offering golden rings!

Security was always a problem. Hoards of screaming fans would scare even the most experienced security men, but they did their best to protect them – even resorting to geese, a bird known for its protective qualities.

Like any successful product, the Partridge Family seemed to make it look easy, but like a swan swimming serenely on a lake, it was all happening behind the scenes.

The entourage was immense and it seemed everyone was milking the kids for what they could get.

It wasn’t long before David wanted the limelight all for himself – and the ladies, dancing in the wings.

In the UK, David was hot property and even lords were leaping over themselves to be photographed with the star.

The Queen seemed the only person oblivious to David’s charms and still insisted on being woken by a piper, although she drew the line at drummers, drumming!