Too late to learn?

The media is crammed full of coverage about the recent student ‘riots’, especially those centred on London, our capital city – and home to many iconic memorials.

There are no excuses for the behaviour of some of those students. We live in a democracy and that democracy allows for demonstrations, but swinging from a flag hung from the Cenotaph brings only a sense of disappointment.

The Cenotaph remembers The Glorious Dead – our glorious dead, those who gave their today for our tomorrow. Many, especially those from the First World War, were younger than those students.

Should there be a punishment for such defilement? Their guilt might be punishment enough and let’s hope they realise that such actions do nothing for their cause. Further education isn’t necessarily a right – those who have given their lives for their country didn’t have that right. Let’s hope that students of today realise this before it’s too late.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail