Pricked or prodded?

When was the last time you checked out your prongs? As you pile that fork high with the food of choice, consider for a moment how precious those prongs are.

They need to be sharp enough to pierce the food, long enough to pile a delicate and polite mouthful, but short enough not to stab yourself!

As you now analyse your fork you will appreciate how much design and craftsmanship was necessary to get it to your table. A slight curve offers the diner the ability to ‘flip’ the fork and use it as a shovel – a method very popular in America. Here in this country though we tend to politely pile our peas and balance them between the prongs before despatching them into our mouths.

No, there’s more to a fork than some pointy things on the end. Prongs demand the highest design specifications – make sure your food is worthy to sit upon them!