Is it in the post?

Anyone remotely interested in social history will adore the idea of spending hours and hours scrutinising old letters and diaries. It’s not just what’s written it’s the way it’s written that enthrals us.

Writing a letter, be it to a lover or an enemy, took time. Once written the document could take days, weeks or even months to be delivered.

Nowadays we can type a few words into an email, click on send and within seconds it’s arrived at its destination.

That’s wonderful if you have urgent and exciting news to share, but whatever happened to those Red Letter Days?

The anticipation of receiving a letter cannot be compared to that little icon appearing on your computer monitor. And do you save them? Letters used to be treasured, now we see them clogging up our computers and delete them without a second thought.

If it’s important enough to say, shouldn’t it be important enough to write?