A bright idea?

As austerity measures are introduced, some councils are planning to turn off their streets lights through the night. Thousands of pounds will be saved by the switch off, but what price will communities pay for this?

During World War Two blackouts were common. All exterior lighting was extinguished and we learnt to live a different way of life.

How will communities adapt, will they impose their own curfews and return home before one in the morning?

Many argue that the savings made will be lost when emergency services are needed. Accidents and incidents that may have been prevented by sufficient lighting are set to increase. And that’s going to cost us dear.

Whatever happens, we all know that savings have to be made. It we want Britain’s economy to bounce back we have meet that bounce half-way.

However it’s unlikely we’ll see all those night clubbers leave early and be home before three – and if they did, would the economies of those clubs allow it?