What turns you on?

If you’re reading this the chances are you’re sat somewhere comfy, somewhere warm. Is your PC connected to internet, is your room lit by a decent light bulb?

We’re so used to pressing those buttons, turning those knobs that we take for granted the power behind luxuries we now regard as essentials.

How long could you survive without your internet connection? Days, weeks? It’s doubtful you’d be able to go cold turkey and would probably be scuttling off to an internet café or to a friend’s home within hours.

When was the last time you needed a candle to see by? During a power cut probably. It’s only a few generations ago that our ancestors lived by natural light. If they couldn’t see by candle or lamp, then they didn’t see.

As you switch on that kettle or turn up the heating just remember that the power you’re using isn’t within your control.

Blow a fuse, burst a main, and then see who has the real power!