Waste not, want not!

We’re all feeling the pinch, aren’t we? So maybe we need to revisit some money saving ideas our mothers will have passed on to us but that we’ve ignored – at our peril!

Ever tried Bubble and Squeak? Leftover cabbage and spuds don’t sound too appetising do they? But mix them together with some seasoning and perhaps some chopped smoked bacon and you have a tasty meal. Just fry the mix lightly and it’s done! And don’t stop at cabbage. Any vegetable that can be shaped into a patty will be just as nice.

Do you enjoy your Sunday roast? Did you know that it costs almost as much to warm the oven than it does to cook the joint? Why waste that heat on just one meal – how about popping in a sponge for tea? It’s tips like that which will save you pounds, not just pennies.

Years ago, so rumour has it, we would wash ourselves with soap and water. Nowadays we use crèmes and liquids squeezed out of expensive plastic pumps. Cheaper brands may not look quite so sexy in their plain packaging, but the savings outweigh the prestige. Decant the cheaper product into a pump and your friends need never know!

Come on, get that thinking cap on – it’ll keep your head warm too!