Bless you!

There’s no denying that we live in a disposable world and it’s great that we can take advantage of new innovations and ideas. But cast your mind back to David Lean’s classic film Brief Encounter. Do you really think Celia Johnson (and countless other swooning women) would have been quite so taken with Trevor Howard’s character if he’d tried to remove that piece of grit with a crumpled old tissue?

Dr Howard (he made sure Celia knew he was fully qualified) used a pristine handkerchief, something younger generations may never have heard of.

And what if he hadn’t even had an old tissue? Would Mrs Bagot (the station’s buffet manager) have ripped off a sheet of kitchen paper, embossed with a Koala bear? It’s not really the stuff of classic romance, is it?

No. True romantics demand freshly laundered - preferably cotton - handkerchiefs. Tissues are always to be sniffed at!