Striking oil!

Isn’t it strange how something deemed to be a by-product, almost a waste, can actually develop into something useful and used worldwide?

As the oil industry boomed, it was noticed that a residue of drilling formed a thick gel. The riggers used this gel as a protective salve to shield scratches and cuts and also to prevent friction burns.

Almost 150 years later and this product sits in our bathroom cabinets under the label of Vaseline.

Winter lips, chapped by a freezing wind are protected by a smear of Vaseline and runners, predominantly male ones who don’t feel the need to wear a sports bra, swear by the stuff – preventing nipple burns and the chaffing of other body parts!

If you’re trying to break in new shoes, try smearing Vaseline over your feet – it works a treat!

Oil might be the black gold of fortunes, but Vaseline is certainly the precious gem set proudly in it!