Smile, you're being watched!

Folk often proclaim ‘People Watching’ as a legitimate hobby – but what exactly is it?

It’s those few moments of inactivity, perhaps in a bar or a café, when we just sit and watch. The tall, the short, the wide, the narrow – they all pass by. And who couldn’t resist creating a tale around their lives?

People Watching seems to be more prevalent abroad – where fine weather allows al fresco eating – and watching, of course. We can’t resist comparing the tans, the waistlines, the husband, the wife.

It’s almost as if we have a stamp in our passports, “Visa – 14 days of staring”.

Of course it’s not without peril. I recently followed a couple as they walked along a promenade. The ‘wife’ was smoking, talking on a mobile phone and had a small dog in tow. Not bad for multitasking – until it all hit the fan, or the kerb to be exact. Yes, add pooper scooper to that list!

Watching the world go by is great fun, but don't forget to smile - who knows who's watching you!