Rome - calm amongst the chaos!

If all roads lead to Rome then all roads pass through piazzas too. Around every corner a delightful piece of quiet awaits the weary traveller and what better way to relax than to hear the soothing sounds of water?

Rome is famous for its fountains and most tourists will find their way to the Spanish Steps at the Piazza di Spagna. The steps are reported to be the widest and longest in Europe. At their base is the Fontana della Barcaccia (Fountain of the Old Boat).

Just a glance away from the piazza is the giant Colonna dell’Immacolata, a Roman column that supports a statue of the Virgin Mary. Every December a fireman climbs the statue and places a garland of flowers around her. Prayers are said and carols sung.

Millions of travellers are drawn to Rome, but this bustling city still has its piazzas of peace.

Fountains do more than seduce the eye – they sooth away your cares and relax your very soul.