Pull or tug at a thread and you know what happens, something unravels. Whether it’s a metaphor or an expensive jumper, once you begin there’s only one outcome – a pile of used wool or a can of worms truly opened.

Knitting’s one of those hobbies that appears easy. Some knitters can multitask – watch TV, talk, knit and still have time to comment on what next door were doing at 3 am that morning. Even if they drop a stitch you can bet your life a knitter knows how to move back, pick it up and carry on.

Life’s not like that, is it? When it all starts to unravel, we can’t move back, repair the damage and move on again. A jumper may not reveal where we went wrong, but life’s not that easy.

Just remember before you tug at that thread, those worms are wriggly little blighters and not easily tamed!