Loose connections?

Not so long ago, in the days before mobiles, our telephone calls were connected by an operator. You’d even be given the courtesy of being told that your call was being connected. Today we’re more likely to hear the silence of a lost signal. Cables and wires have been replaced by wireless signals that unite us with our friends – wherever they might be.

The angry comment of ‘you’re breaking up’ has become the catchphrase of a generation and the easiest way to get out of a difficult conversation since cutting the phone line with a pair of scissors.

But of course modern technology has removed the opportunity for farce in our comedy too. In the hit film Pillow Talk Doris Day and Rock Hudson would never have become romantically entangled if they’d had their party-line disconnected and replaced with their own i-phones.

Perhaps Rock could have lost his charger and needed to borrow his neighbour’s?