It's enough to make your toes curl!

We’re never truly happy with our hair, are we? Millions of women spend hours straightening out those waves and curls whilst the rest of us just spend millions of pounds putting them in.

And in between those sessions of crimping and curling we have the dreaded trim to endure. For a couple of weeks afterwards our hair is too severe, too short. Then it settles down and we have the perfect style. For two weeks. Then it becomes straggly and untidy. The fringe begins to droop and we’re constantly brushing it to the side.

But it’s too soon for another trim so we take either our nail or kitchen scissors and try to tidy it ourselves. Big mistake! It’s shorter but uneven. So we try to even it. That means even going even shorter. When we realise we’ve gone too far, we stop.

A few weeks later and we endure the tutting of our hairdresser who punishes us by cutting it shorter than ever, “there, that should last a bit longer” he says - with no attempt to hide that smirk.

The next six weeks are spent tugging those strands so hard we risk damaging the roots. What next? Probably baldness!