Go back a generation or two and what are the memories of childhood? I bet they include climbing trees, damming rivers, building go-carts from odd bits and pieces.

Today’s children aren’t so lucky. Trees have signs attached warning of their height, refuse tips are a definite no-go and rivers, well most have dried up.

So what about at home? That should be safe enough. How about collecting some conkers on the way back from work and having a game of ‘conkers’ with your mates. Well, you’d have to be either very lucky or very sneaky – possibly both.

Some local authorities are so nervous of being sued that they’ve actually had their trees stripped of conkers, else some hapless youth attempts to retrieve one or two. Surely someone at the council must have heard of gravity? Leave the conkers where they are and Mother Nature will do the work.

If you’re lucky enough to lay your hands on a conker or two, what next? Well, you have all the ingredients for a game (assuming you’re allowed to cut a length of string and pierce the conker with a nail – although I can hear Nanny State tutting already).

Try any of this in public and be prepared to wear goggles and protective gloves. What is the world coming to?