Cycling - the silent killer?

We may despair at today’s depleted railway network, but Dr Beeching left behind a legacy of routes which have been rejuvenated into a network of Trailways. Hundreds of miles of disused tracks have now been adopted by local organisations and transformed into level rights of way which make perfect footpaths.

But these routes are used by cyclists too. As walkers amble along either enjoying the scenery or the company of others, they often fail to hear an approaching cyclist – and when they do, it’s almost too late.

How on earth can we ensure serious injury is prevented?

Well, there has been a development in cycling safety and it looks like it could eventually turn into a real life-saver.

The computer chip, that miniature gizmo which allows computers to perform elaborate tasks, has been replaced. Years of research have been turned on their head as the world reels to the shocking invention of the bicycle bell.

Yes, this great little innovation sits comfortably on any handlebar. It’s attached easily and requires very little maintenance. Prices begin at just a few pounds. And unlike most new inventions, this one won’t become obsolete when a new version is launched in a few months time.

It may not play 10,000 of your favourite tunes (at random, by artist or album) or even tell you when the sun either rises or sets – but it will alert others to your presence.

Are you man enough to ring that bell?