Earrings - what do you dangle?

We all know that body piercing is big business, but for most of us it's our ears that demand the attention. Whether you stick with a piercing in one or each lobe - or a neat little row, you'll need something that shouts "Look at me!" to fill that space.

The range of earrings available is limited only by our imaginations. Whilst you might opt for something sparkly for that Christmas party, how about something quirky too?

And as the season of unwanted gifts fast approaches, why not choose something for that strangely different friend? There’s sure to be an earring that suits them in more ways than one.

The chocolate lover will adore something chunky - and a pair of earrings are sure to last longer than a bar of Cadburys!

Do you know someone who reads, reads, reads? Then these bookish earrings will be jumping off the shelves!

And what about that cheeky monkey with the mad sense of humour? Who wouldn't go ape over these!

It doesn't matter what the occasion or what the mood - there's a pair of earrings winking at your lobes!

Go on, you know you want to.