Stress - rising to those challenges!

Research confirms that a major cause of stress is unhappiness at work. As we get older office politics may be a thing of the past, but stress can still be a major thorn in the side and something which can affect our health and well-being.

What’s causing your stress? Begin by making a list. That simple process may highlight the triviality of something, allowing you to get a new perspective. The way you prioritise the list will be a key to managing your situation.

Are you stressed by a relationship, do you perceive that you’ve been slighted by a friend?

You can never control how people act towards you - but you can certainly change how you react to their actions.

Often we let our minds run away. By jumping ahead, we make assumptions and turn a reality into a piece of fiction. We even imagine that we know what another person is thinking - but that’s never possible. Neither is fortune telling - avoid dwelling on a perceived outcome - you will never know how someone will react, nor what they will say.

That’s especially true when we dwell on negatives. Assuming someone thinks negatively about us because of a trivial situation or comment is irrational.

If you allow yourself to fall into the trap of letting your imagination rule your life, you begin to live in a fantasy world and it’s not a happy place.

So back to that list. Discount everything on your list which is fiction - stick to the facts.

What’s left? Well, we will always have issues to deal with - that’s life. Now we need to tackle that problem. There’s a lot to be said for positive thought. Visualising your success, seeing yourself cross that finish line, encourages the mind to crave successful thoughts, leaving no room for negatives.

Of course, no matter how positive your thoughts, you will still need to solve that problem, but with your mind crammed full of success, you have the confidence to face up to it.

Key steps to visualising:

Choose a goal which you know you can achieve - step up to the harder ones later.
Visualise that success in the present - not far off in the future.
Focus on your goals regularly - maybe even at set times.

Eventually your positive energy will impact on all areas of your life. Problems will become challenges and stress could well become a thing of your past!

Managing stress is like accepting a helping hand across that stream - take hold and move on.