Running - true style!

Every April sees a surge in aspiration and perspiration as we are inspired by the London Marathon. Elite runners, club runners, joggers, fund-raisers for charity – all stride along the streets of London, searching for those pavements of gold.

Every competitor is a winner. Months of training, running in wind, rain and snow are over and there’s just a small matter of running over 26 miles.

The Paula Radcliffes of the running world have finely tuned their training and diet to begin the race in peak condition. But down at the back of the pack, the newbies are struggling with their bellies. Butterflies race around, churning up last night’s pasta and they know it will be hours before they cross that finishing line.

The length of their stride, the colour of their kit – none of it matters. Getting out there, lining up at the start – that’s the essence of running and gives each runner their unique style!