Pinch me!

Mention salt and it’s surprising how many varied responses you’ll receive. To the high-pressured it’s a forbidden fruit, to those of a certain age it’s the essential ingredient in a Salt n Shake packet of crisps.

Chefs swear it should be added to our foods, doctors cry out for abstinence – but do you take that advice with a...pinch of salt?

It almost seems impossible to imagine crisps or chips without a sprinkling, but were you aware of salts hidden potent powers?

Decades ago Saxa Salt hit on a marketing strategy that brought together its product and its powers.

A sprinkle of salt – Saxa of course – on the tail of a hen would reap a rich harvest of freshly laid eggs. Young children, teased by their parents, could be seen chasing after these hapless hens. How do I know? I was that child!