Lake Placid?

There’s nothing quite like that mirror-smooth surface of a lake.

Artists and photographers can’t resist the shot that tricks the eye – is that a reflection, a copy or just a mirage? Whilst the likes of Capability Brown created perfect images, they’re no competition for the real deal.

Lakes, when a natural phenomenon, are the product of mountains being eroded, worn away by glaciers. Those violent attacks by Mother Nature have resulted in scenes of beauty. In man’s arrogance we have decided this is how we like it and so work to protect these natural vistas. It might have taken millions to create, but the 21st century is where we want to press the hold button.

Why? Because this planet is a living being – look at the violence of earthquakes for proof of that.

No. Man needs to enjoy what it can see, but respect the power behind it – a power that continues to create new scenes, new mountains – and new lakes.