Eye, eye!

Is there a difference between a twitch and a wink?

A twitch is usually defined as being involuntary, of something which is beyond our control. Whereas a wink is something we use at will, to reinforce our message.

The meaning of a wink is firmly established.

One wink normally implies a tad of flirtation, an air of mischievousness. On the other hand, two winks normally denote some extraction of the Michael.

Add a jerk of the head, normally to the side of the wink, and the winker is trying to attract attention to something without pointing.

It’s thought that we’ve developed this ability to wink because early man realised the power, subconsciously, of our eyes.

The narrowing of the eyes when we smile against the open-wide stare of awe and fear – our eyes are a language in themselves.

So the next time you catch someone’s eye, wink and see if you get a narrow smiling response, or wide-eyed fear!