Is it time to sex up your bed?

Flower beds smack of traditional values. Most towns have municipal gardens that are planted with formal designs with structure and often a message of welcome.

Seaside towns encourage visitors by participating in – and hopefully winning – competitions for the best blooms and the most complicated designs.

Most domestic gardens have the odd bed or two, even if the formality has evolved into something much more quirky.

Visitors to stately homes meander around the raised beds planted with small shrubs and herbs and much is done to preserve this heritage.

But flower beds don’t have to be so rigid, look at a traditional country cottage garden and the beds overflow with vibrant colours. Plants merge into a flowing river of foliage and petal.

Today’s gardener often wants a mix of all these elements – convenience of structure, eye catching blooms and colour that demands our full attention.

A colour pallet that might clash almost seems essential – we’re out to shock!

If your bed lacks passion, why not give it a makeover and think outside of the box – or in this case, bed!