Habits of a snacker

A snack is a small portion of food, as contrasted with a regular meal – so says that font of all reliable knowledge, Wikipedia. But what does it mean to YOU?

Three meals a day should do us, but there aren’t many who don’t snack during the day, the evening or even the night.

So what causes that need? Well, just eating three meals isn’t enough; we have to eat the right kind of meal, one that suits both our bodies and our lives.

Porridge for breakfast is supposed to set you up for the day and it’s ideal as a slow burning fuel. Anyone who has a long stretch of time before their next meal could do a lot worse than consume a big bowl of Highland Hearty.

You’ve made it to lunchtime. What will it be? Wholemeal bread, low-fat filling, couple of pieces of fruit? Perfect.

And now to the main meal of the day. Grilled meat, fresh veg or salad and the minimum of carbs, if you’re eating late. You could even wash it down with a (small) glass of wine.

Now wasn’t that easy? No? You overslept, missed breakfast. You had errands to run during your lunch break and grabbed a burger. Dinner was another quick takeaway because you had to finish papering that spare bedroom and didn’t have time to cook.

Life gets in the way of our diet and it’s no surprise that we all dip into our stocks of snacks. But what is it that tempts you?

Sugar cravings and hormones can lead some to the chocolate bar. That quick fix isn’t just a snack, it’s a treat too. The strong amongst us fight those urges and reach for a piece of fruit. How annoying are those people?

No, for a snack to be worthy of the accolade ‘treat’, it has to be naughty too.

Do you really think nibbling on a raw carrot is as satisfying as chomping your way through chocolate? Of course not, the habitual snacker will always, but always, seek out the naughty nibble – come on, admit it!