Going down?

Submarines hold a special place in our imaginations. Claustrophobia mixes with a sense of adventure as we imagine dropping like a stone towards an ocean bed.

The depth of those oceans is limited only by our imaginations.

Richard Basehart’s portrayal of Admiral Nelson aboard the Seaview in TV’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in the 1960s whetted an appetite for submarines and drama.

James Cameron took up the submarine-shaped baton and created film history with his multi-million grossing films The Abyss and Titanic.

The claustrophobic tension of a crew of deep-sea miners searching for survivors aboard a stricken submarine was powerful stuff. And even with the period drama of Titanic, Cameron brought in the latest technical advances in under-water filming as he mixed present day footage with historical drama.

The oceans are perhaps one last frontier, waiting to be explored. Submarines are the advance crew – finding a way through those Rocky Mountains.