Becks and bunions

When was the last time you looked at your feet? I don’t mean admired how they looked in those new shoes, really looked at them – close up and personal?

Our feet reflect our health and also affect it too.

Fungal infection caused by bad hygiene and sporting acitivities can spread. Athletes Foot and Verucas can be treated easily and we owe it to ourselves – and to others - to keep on top of them.

Badly fitting shoes could cause you a pain in the bum, literally. You may love the way your legs appear six inches longer in those heels, but wear them regularly and your hips could become permanently tilted in a very unnatural fashion, resulting in real pain. And if ever you want evidence of how fashion ain’t worth it, check out the bunions on Posh Spice.

She may have more money than you could throw a pair of Milano Blancos at, but do you really imagine Becks love to lick them?

While your digesting that thought, give your feet a break, they’re the only pair you have!