Do you follow your own path?

Who hasn’t reached for a magazine or paper and turned straight to their horoscope? No matter how sceptical we like to believe we are, we just can’t resist the idea that the future’s ours to be read.

If life’s a struggle, relationship not working, money tight, we’re even more likely to search for light at the end of a astrological tunnel. And even when things are running along smoothly, we still need affirmation that it will continue.

But what are the chances of several million readers finding their future mapped out by stars with any level of accuracy? One size perhaps fits all, apparently. Whatever we’re looking for, we seem to find it.

Of course, astrology is a great way to excuse ourselves too. Stubbornness isn’t a trait most would be proud of, but how many Capricorns shrug it off and say ‘I’m an old mountain goat, what do you expect?’ Another non-virtue is indecision. Sitting astride that fence, pondering which side has the greener grass. On-lookers are infuriated, but there’s no hope of changing - isn’t that the way of all Pisceans?

Generalisation is never a good idea - don’t we all demand our own sense of identity? And yet with horoscopes and star signs, we’re happy to conform, to be part of a gang - in fact we almost demand it!