Day tripper or one way ticket?

Remember the sixties? Then you weren’t there. Isn’t that how it goes? A decade of decadence, drugs and psychadelia defined a generation. It was a time of hallucinogenic drugs and trips to the wrong side of the brain.

LSD became a demon and those who survived must be grateful for their luck. With no way of knowing if it would be a good or bad trip, it became the Russian Roulette of the tab world. Peter Green - founder member and the musical genius behind Fleetwood Mac - took a one way trip. Even today his friends mourn the day drugs snatched away his mind.

Of course to some it was the way to creative genius. The Beatles were said to have written Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds under the influence and in tribute to LSD. Whatever the truth behind that tale, Lennon and McCartney were indeed geniuses but you can't sub-label their total catalogue ‘under the influence’.

Since the sixties revellers have continued their search for that perfect high. Drugs have become cheaper than alcohol and the demon continues to work its way through unsuspecting and naïve thrill-seekers - and that’s no hallucination.